Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The following appeared in the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel on July 19, 2014.


William B. Scott

On July 10, 2010, Erik B. Scott, a 1994 U.S. Military Academy at West Point graduate with an MBA from Duke University, was shot to death by three Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (“Metro”) officers in front of a Las Vegas, NV, Costco big-box store. While many readers will recall that egregious, senseless murder, few know what followed: A jaw-dropping cover-up more typical of the old Soviet Union than America.

To every man and woman, who carries a firearm, the Erik Scott shooting is a chilling reminder that billion-dollar companies, such as Costco, have irrational, secret, anti-gun policies that literally kill their customers.

Erik, a Boston Scientific cardiac pacemaker sales rep, was carrying a legally registered concealed firearm, while he and his girlfriend were shopping at Costco-Summerlin in Las Vegas. He also had a concealed-carry permit in his wallet, issued by the same Metro police force that killed him.

When Erik squatted on the floor to verify that three metal water bottles would fit into a soft-sided, zip-up cooler, a Costco employee spotted Erik’s Kimber Ultra Carry .45-caliber semiautomatic in an inside-the-waistband holster. A civil interchange with a Costco manager ensued, and Erik was told that a Costco policy banned guns inside company stores—although there were no signs to that effect posted outside or inside, and there’s no mention of a gun-ban policy in the membership application. Erik calmly responded that his sidearm was legal and that he had a concealed-carry weapon (CCW) permit on his person. The manager never asked Erik to leave the store, and the two parted on good terms, according to witnesses.

The Costco manager reassured a plainclothes security guard, Shai Lierley, that Erik would be leaving soon. For reasons known only to him, the young, cocky Lierley—defying management practices and company policy—placed a 311 call to the local police, falsely claiming Erik “had a gun and was acting erratic.” Thinking an armed madman was barricaded inside, Metro cops rushed to the store in overwhelming force—15 police cruisers, a helicopter, an incident-command team and an ambulance.

An inbound Metro lieutenant suggested that Costco managers quietly evacuate the store. Unaware that the evacuation had anything to do with him, Erik and his girlfriend calmly walked out with the crowd, passing three Metro officers waiting at the entrance and exit doors. Costco’s Shai Lierley identified Erik to an agitated, scared Metro officer, William Mosher, who was clutching a semiautomatic, visibly shaking and sweating profusely. Alarmed, Mosher spun around and immediately yelled something, which even nearby cops failed to comprehend.

Erik turned to find a frightened, obese cop shouting three conflicting commands. With his left hand, Erik lifted his T-shirt to expose the Kimber, and repeated, "I am armed, I am armed..." Witnesses said he moved his right elbow enough to expose the Kimber. In his right hand, Erik held a BlackBerry cell phone.

Mosher instantly panicked and fired two shots with a .45-caliber Glock 21. The cop’s first hollow-point slug struck Erik in the heart; the second went through his right thigh, well below his jeans’ front pocket.

Two other officers hesitated a long beat, then fired another five rounds, all into Erik's back. Erik was shot a total of seven times. The five that hit him in the back were fired after he was on the ground, dying.

Based on a recording of Lierley’s 311-call, we’ve confirmed that Mosher gave Erik three conflicting commands and fired, all within two seconds. Mosher then knelt on his victim’s back and handcuffed Erik’s hands.

Costco had numerous security cameras inside the store and at least four trained on the entrance, where the lethal shooting took place. Violating department policies, Metro detectives did NOT immediately seize the surveillance system's two digital video recorders’ hard disks. They left the critical DVR and hard drive in Costco's control for five days, allowing Costco-Summerlin personnel and the store’s IT contractor to tamper with video data. Five days after the shooting, Metro detectives finally decided to pick up one Costco DVR. After valiant attempts to “recover” critical imagery, the DVR was sent to the U.S. Secret Service’s Los Angeles office, where forensics experts examined it. The experts later testified that 96 percent of the DVR’s data were recovered. The four percent not recoverable just happened to encompass the time Erik was in Costco, as well as the fatal officer-involved shooting. The hard disk’s platter sectors, where that critical four percent of unrecoverable data resided, was physically damaged, as if the disk were running, “then dropped from about chest high,” according to forensic experts’ testimony.

Within hours of the shooting, a Clark County Deputy Public Administrator and a Metro cop illegally broke into Erik's condominium and stole several of his firearms. One pistol, a small Ruger LCP, was later produced as "proof" that Erik was carrying two guns. Why two? Because the AMR ambulance crew had reported finding a gun on Erik’s body. The sole gun Erik really was carrying (the Kimber) had already been removed from the corpse and placed on the ground at Costco, still in the holster, as if Erik had pulled it, thereby “justifying” Mosher's murder. In fact, the only item Erik ever had in-hand was his BlackBerry smartphone. In a state of panic, Mosher couldn’t distinguish a BlackBerry from a semiautomatic pistol. He literally executed Erik.

There is absolutely no doubt that Erik was murdered. However, integrity-challenged cops of Metro’s “Blue Wall” immediately resorted to post-shooting procedures that are standard practice for hundreds of corrupt Las Vegas police officers: Conceal the facts, destroy and manufacture “evidence,” coerce selected eyewitnesses, and systematically demonize the deceased victim. The cover-up of Erik’s murder-by-cop was aided and abetted by the Clark County District Attorney, an unprincipled union—the Las Vegas Police Protective Association—and wealthy power brokers, who control The Strip.

My family filed two lawsuits in federal court—one against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the three shooters and the sheriff, Douglas Gillespie, and a second against Costco. For unbelievable reasons, both suits went nowhere. After the second was dismissed, our lawyer said, “I don’t think it’s possible to get justice in this town.”

The truth about Erik’s murder and its blatant cover-up is so bizarre that non-Las Vegas citizens would never believe it. Consequently, I resorted to asymmetric warfare. I wrote a novel based on the actual events of my son’s senseless execution. Entitled The Permit, the book is “faction”—truth wrapped in a techno-thriller story. According to reviewers, The Permit is a fast-moving, riveting tale of intrigue, corruption and accountability.

Synopsis of “The Permit:” A murder-by-cop victim, “Erik Steele,” was actually a covert assassin for Checkmate, an ultra-secret Department of Homeland Security counterterrorism team. Arrogant, low-intelligence Las Vegas Metro cops had brazenly killed a high-value federal agent. As Metro leaders soon realize, their trigger-happy cretins truly did kill the wrong guy.

Metro’s clumsy attempts to cover-up Erik’s execution triggers a deadly campaign codenamed Operation Gold Shield. Activated by the highest office in America, Shield is designed to neutralize INDIGO, a new, dangerous class of domestic terrorist that has killed more Americans since 9/11 than were lost on that modern day of infamy: Rogue cops and their corrupt allies. Shield is launched to prevent the U.S. from erupting in armed revolt. However, the initial targets are those responsible for killing a fellow Checkmate agent, Erik Steele.

Integrity-devoid killer-cops, corrupt district attorneys, police union thugs, an unscrupulous sheriff, and even a powerful billionaire are held accountable via advanced, highly classified means, such as tiny missiles with nanoparticle warheads; a microwave-beam weapon that fries a victim; an airborne system that creates “ghosts” in a target’s bedroom; a “black world” fighter aircraft armed with T-Rex, a stunning electrostatic weapon; an acoustic beam that shatters bones and buildings, and a lethal disease that precludes sleep.

Ultimately, bodies pile up, government officials run scared and the glitzy Las Vegas Strip is silenced.

Checkmate Justice is done.

William B. Scott, the late-Erik Scott’s father and author of “The Permit,” is a full-time author and consultant. He retired in 2007 as the Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief for Aviation Week & Space Technology. Over a 22-year career with the international magazine, he wrote more than 2,500 stories, and received 17 editorial awards. He is a coauthor of two other novels, “Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III” and “Counterspace: The Next Hours of World War III,” and a nonfiction book, “Inside the Stealth Bomber: The B-2 Story.”

During a nine-year Air Force career, Bill served as aircrew on classified airborne-sampling missions, collecting nuclear debris by flying through radioactive clouds; an electronics engineering officer at the National Security Agency, developing satellite communications security systems; and an instrumentation and flight test engineer on U.S. Air Force fighter and transport aircraft development programs.

Bill is a Flight Test Engineer graduate of the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School and a licensed commercial pilot with instrument and multi-engine ratings. He has logged approximately 2,000 hours on 80 aircraft types, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University-Sacramento.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


The next sheriff of Clark County, NV, will face two daunting tasks—getting rid of rogue or outlaw Metro police officers and instilling a culture of accountability. However, he absolutely must do both, or good, honorable police officers on the Metro force will face the wrath of increasingly outraged, distrustful citizens.

To the latter point, this week, one of our most tireless, loyal "Erik's Warriors" cited a news story written by John B. Whitehead, attorney, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of A Government of Wolves, entitled, "The Growing Epidemic of Police Violence: Is It Time to De-Militarize Police Forces?" She noted that a shocked Las Vegas Metro police officer had claimed, in his 25 years of law enforcement work, he'd never seen more violence toward cops than today. She replied, "As he was saying that, I was thinking, 'DITTO.' [I’ve never seen more] violence from police against citizens, the mentally ill, babies, young people, the elderly, and especially pets.” 

The Right Sheriff (TRS) knows all too well that cops are directly responsible for any increased violence aimed at them. As a group, they’re reaping what they sowed. Americans, in general, and Las Vegas residents, in particular, are extremely fed up and disgusted by out-of-control, militarized, arrogant police officers. And TRS is acutely aware that he has very little time to get rid of Metro's dozen or so "crazies"—a moniker fellow officers gave their killer-cop brethren, such as William Mosher and Bryan Yant—before angry natives revolt and literally start hunting down Metro cops.

Consequently, The Right Sheriff will attack the "crazies" problem head-on, regardless of predictable whining and legal objections from a venal, malfeasant Police Protective Association that should be decertified and disbanded. I predict Las Vegas citizens and honest county commissioners will back the new sheriff’s “Rid the Ranks of Rogues” campaign a hundred percent.

Next up is the daunting job of changing an incredibly corrupt Metropolitan Police Department culture that routinely condones abuse and murders of the very people paying cops' salaries. The Right Sheriff has no choice but to institute stringent accountability standards, if he expects to improve internal morale and gain the trust and loyalty of his good officers, who are as revolted and demoralized as Clark County’s cop-abused citizens.

The new boss will immediately implement a standard of accountability that would be unthinkable under the malfeasant administrations of Doug Gillespie, Bill Young and their predecessors. In essence, TRS will require Metro officers to adopt and inculcate the spirit of an Honor Code that U.S. Military Academy graduates—such as my son, the late-Erik Scott—lived by:

 “A cadet will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.”

No longer will patrol officers be allowed to look the other way, when their outlaw brothers- and sisters-in-brown commit an act of misconduct. And, when the infamous "Blue (or Brown) Wall” of silence is erected, and transparent lying proliferates in the name of "protecting one of our own," The Right Sheriff will fire each and every cop, who openly condones malfeasance and protects a crooked outlaw in their midst. Further, any police union thug, who dares to threaten an honest whistleblower, or blindly backs a Metro killer-cop, will be upbraided and, possibly, dismissed. The PPA’s unlawful counsel of bald-faced insubordination will simply not be tolerated by TRS and his good, professional officers. To paraphrase Checkmate’s message in “The Permit,” You kill, you lie, you’re gone. Period.

It won't take long for honest cops to line up behind The Right Sheriff and support his campaign of cleansing. It might get ugly, but good, honest officers will do whatever it takes to get rid of moronic thug cops, including complicit supervisors. The days of rampant “cowboy cops” that now constitute 25-30 percent of Metro’s ranks are numbered.

How will The Right Sheriff destroy Metro’s rotten culture? Ex-lawmen, retired senior military officers and corporate executives have shared the following suggestions:

  • Change the language. Police officers will no longer refer to themselves and their chosen career field as “Law Enforcement.” They will now call themselves “Peace Officers,” and will act accordingly. Metro cops will be told every single day that their job is to keep the peace on Clark County streets, not find questionable excuses to “enforce” the law at any cost.

  • Scrub the nauseating “Partners with the Community” pablum from Metro cruisers and replace it with an old-school police motto, “Protect and Serve.” Again, every cop wearing a Metro badge will change his attitude and demeanor to reflect a true protect-and-serve mentality. Those who won’t or can’t will be looking for a job.

  • Institute a policy that any Metro officer participating in an officer-involved shooting or incident resulting in death or severe injury will be questioned at length by an outside investigative agency; automatically take a lie detector test, and immediately be tested for illegal and prescription drugs, including steroids and so-called “growth hormones.” 

  • Completely revamp the Metro police academy training program. Inputs and advice from active-duty and retired police officers will be solicited, as will suggestions from outside agencies, consultants and families of Metro shooting victims. While details are yet to be defined, Metro’s upgraded training regimen will be the antithesis of today’s, which was articulated quite well in the previously referenced news article:

“Yet the tension inherent in most civilian-police encounters these days…goes far deeper, to a transformation in the way police view themselves and their line of duty. Specifically, what we’re dealing with today is a skewed shoot-to-kill mindset in which police, trained to see themselves as warriors or soldiers in a war, whether against drugs, or terror, or crime, must “get” the bad guys—ie., anyone who is a potential target—before the bad guys get them. The result is a spike in the number of incidents in which police shoot first, and ask questions later.

“Just as troubling as this ‘shoot-first-ask-questions-later” mindset is what investigative journalist Katie Rucke uncovered about how police are being trained to use force without hesitation and report their shootings in such a way as to legally justify a shot. [Jack, a concerned citizen, who went undercover to attend law enforcement training classes] said ‘these trainers consistently promote more aggression and criticize hesitation to use force. …They argue that the risk of making a mistake is worth it to absolutely minimize risk to the officer. And they teach officers how to use the law to minimize legal repercussions in almost any scenario. All of this is, of course, done behind the scenes, with no oversight from police administrators, much less the public.’”

Worth it to absolutely minimize risk to the officer? No way. Not for my dead son, Erik, or me. Not to the loved ones of all Metro’s victims. Most would be alive today, if an amped-up, quick-to-shoot killer-cop had demonstrated a smidgen of courage, good judgment and restraint, instead of shooting an innocent citizen. 

The Right Sheriff will weed out Metro’s chicken cops and replace them with old-school lawmen–men and women who have the courage to confront danger, yet hesitate long enough to give a “target” the benefit of doubt, instead of saving their own hides at any cost.

Finally, The Right Sheriff will lead from the front, not from behind a headquarters desk or cocktail glass. If an officer-involved shooting takes place, TRS will race to the scene and get a timely first-hand look at the situation. And, if he spots a guilty Metro cop’s “throwdown” gun, or smells the stench of another imbecilic Patrick Neville-orchestrated coverup, The Right Sheriff will immediately detain the on-scene shooters and cover-up architect. He absolutely will not tolerate liars and cover-up artists on Las Vegas Metro’s force. The decades-old routine of kill-and-cover is ended.

In my opinion, The Right Sheriff is Ted Moody. Elect Ted as the next sheriff, and LVMPD has a fighting chance of gaining the trust and support of about two million Clark County citizens.

William B. Scott

Thursday, May 8, 2014


One foolproof method for deciding who is the right person to elect as the next Clark County sheriff and leader of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is to scrutinize endorsements.
And the perfect way to eliminate the wrong sheriff candidates is to ask: Who is the Las Vegas Police Protective Association (LVPPA) backing? 
The LVPPA is an unabashed, integral cog in the Cartel of Corruption machine that controls the county’s law enforcement and judicial system. Chris Collins, as PPA director, exemplifies the arrogant, overbearing, in-your-face attitude of unionized Metro cops, who routinely alienate hundreds of thousands of Las Vegans, driving a wedge between citizens and police officers. Further, the PPA dictates to Sheriff Doug Gillespie, who is such a weak, ineffective leader that he routinely rolls over and does whatever Chrissy Collins demands.
The PPA routinely backs killer-cops, defending egregious shootings of people the PPA derisively refers to as “civilians,” even when video data prove, beyond a doubt, that the officer(s) screwed up and literally murdered the victim. Collins struts before TV cameras, spinning falsehoods about what really happened and bad-mouthing the victim, invariably implying that a Metro cop couldn’t possibly make a mistake or be devoid of good sense and courage. 
Collins has angered thousands of Southern Nevada citizens, and is personally responsible for at least 250 Metro police officers leaving the union. Good cops refuse to support a despicable, lawless union that fuels taxpayer hatred and disrespect for police officers. Consequently, professional cops drop their PPA membership. Many honorable officers have dumped the PPA and joined the Fraternal Order of Police Officers, instead.
For decades, the PPA has only backed sheriff candidates who promise to perpetuate Old Las Vegas operating procedures, which were put in place for one reason: To keep money flowing into resort-hotel-casino moguls’ pockets. And those billionaires make sure their Mob bosses continue to reap obscene profits, thanks to assistance from uniformed Metro flunkies, who serve as “enforcers.” The PPA’s role in the Cartel of Corruption machine is to defend outlaw cops at all costs, because those integrity-devoid officers ultimately take care of business for the big money.
Consequently, a PPA endorsement of a sheriff candidate is a loud and clear declaration that the man is a willing tool of Strip billionaires, who control Las Vegas. It also means that candidate, if elected sheriff, will never, ever hold a cop accountable for shooting and killing an innocent citizen, or performing illegal “services” on behalf of Vegas elites.
In the 2014 election, Chris Collins and his Las Vegas Police Protective Association badge-heavy thugs are backing Larry Burns. In my humble opinion, that’s reason enough to scratch Burns off the list of viable candidates. He fails a key test for being an honest, tough sheriff, who will get rid of killer-cops, such as William Mosher and Brian Yant.
The Right Sheriff will not coddle killer-cops and turn a blind eye to malfeasant behavior by Metro officers, like Gillespie does. And The Right Sheriff, immediately after he pins on his badge and four stars, will order Chris Collins to dust off a Metro uniform and return to the streets as a beat cop. Collins and the seven or so other Metro cops, who now do nothing but serve as the PPA’s full-time leadership cadre, will earn their salaries as working peace officers. 
No longer will the sheriff be a willing stooge for a union that actively works against the best interests of hard-working citizens, the people who pay cops’ cushy salaries. If PPA members really value Collins and his buds, they’ll gladly vote to increase their dues and pay for such indispensable leadership. 
Bottom line: The Right Sheriff will refuse to waste scarce taxpayer funds underwriting haughty, obstructionist PPA leaders, who will never back his policies. And that, Mr. and Ms. Voter, ensures the PPA will do everything in Chris Collins’s bag of scumball, reprehensible tricks—lie, slander and scaremonger—to submarine The Right Sheriff’s campaign.

Consider the PPA’s dearth of credibility, and do NOT vote for any PPA-endorsed candidate.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie recently made national news as a “peacemaker,” who brokered a deal between the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and a recalcitrant Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy. Backed by hundreds—possibly thousands—of supporters committed to preventing arrogant, heavily armed federal agents from driving his family off leased grassland, Bundy refused to knuckle under to government use of force.
While Gillespie was mugging for the cameras, flanking a tight-jawed Cliven Bundy, the sheriff’s gunned-up, battle-ready SWAT team was on the other side of the gate. Those officers were milling around with armed BLM agents, Nevada highway patrol officers, and hired-gun mercenaries, obviously ready to support the feds, if the agents decided to shoot civilians. In televised accounts on Fox News, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s black, armored SWAT vehicle was clearly visible among dozens of federal SUVs and cop cars. 
In his remarks to the media and Bundy supporters, Gillespie stated that he was committed to enforcing “federal law,” but brokered a BLM stand down and retreat to avoid bloodshed. I commend him for that. However, the sheriff also was violating his sworn responsibilities to the people of Clark County, NV—those who had elected him. As usual, Gillespie claimed to be on the right side of “law,” but was on the wrong side of right.
Gillespie had absolutely no compulsion to reflexively assume the federal government’s claims were legitimate. An honorable sheriff would have given the benefit of doubt to Bundy—especially when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was behind the assault. Based on long years of precedent and federal court rulings, Dougie definitely was not justified in sending his trigger-happy SWAT team to back federal agents threatening and abusing Clark County citizens. In fact, as sheriff, he was compelled to do the opposite.
On June 27, 1997, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the federal government could not commandeer state or county officers to do the feds’ bidding. The ruling stated, at least three times, that the states were “not subject to Federal direction.” Justice Scalia wrote for the majority, stating, “The federal government may not compel the states or the counties or local officials to enforce a federal regulatory program.”
If THE RIGHT SHERIFF had been wearing the Metro badge now stuck to Gillespie’s chest, he would have been intimately familiar with that 1997 court ruling, which empowered county sheriffs across the nation. He also would have read and understood the principles outlined in Sheriff Richard Mack’s superb book, The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope.  
As Mack explained, the 1997 Supreme Court decision freed “each sheriff in this country to stand tall and to protect his constituents from ‘all enemies, both foreign and domestic.’ ...The sheriff and police are, indeed, the last line of defense between the people and the criminals, both from the streets and from the federal government.  ...It will be up to the sheriffs of America..., who have the guts and dedication to tell the feds that we will no longer tolerate their intervention, control, meddling, mandates, or criminal behavior.”
Further, America’s county sheriffs “have the authority, the power and the duty to be the ultimate check and balance...to defend [American citizens] against all local and federal criminals,” Mack said.
Obviously, Clark County’s sheriff failed to exercise that authority and power, during the Bundy Ranch standoff with the federal BLM. Doug Gillespie refused to honor his duty and protect his constituents. Instead, he ordered his Metro SWAT unit to gun up, don battle gear and hunker down with the feds’ agents. 
Once again, Sheriff Doug Gillespie has demonstrated three glaring truths: He does not serve the citizens of Clark County. He’s an integral element of an incredibly venal and malfeasant Cartel of Corruption that controls the county and has tentacles into the federal leviathan that chips away at Americans’ freedom every day. Finally, Gillespie routinely genuflects and does the bidding of the county’s chief political marionette, Senator Harry Reid.
I have reason to believe that Harry Reid and his son, Rory, are intimately involved in the BLM’s heavy-handed campaign to drive ranchers off private and leased lands throughout Nevada, clearing the way for other, obscenely profitable uses. Fifty-two ranchers reportedly have succumbed to federal pressure already. Bundy didn’t.
Using Harry Reid and his former staffer, Neil Kornze (who conveniently now heads the Bureau of Land Management), the federal government is taking control of most ranch land, despite already “owning” 87% of the state. For what purpose is still a matter of speculation, but three logical possibilities have been posed by investigators:
• Building massive solar farms.
• Mining and extracting rare earth metals, which are critical to national defense.
• Securing water rights, always an objective of insatiable Las Vegas and its corporate power brokers.
I suspect Harry Reid and his billionaire backers are going after rare earth metals, such as yttrium, lanthanum and neodymium. Seventeen of these elements are used in lasers, special magnets, nuclear devices and myriad military weapon system sensors. China cornered the market on rare earth elements (REEs), but, in recent years, has been limiting exports. Consequently, prices for REEs have risen sharply, and large corporations are actively pursuing rare earth deposits throughout the West.
Whatever the grand plan, hatched in secrecy by corruptocrats and wealthy moguls, Gutless Gillespie and his taxpayer-funded hired guns aligned themselves with the federal government. Every single Metro officer should be embarrassed and ashamed.
Hopefully, Clark County will elect THE RIGHT SHERIFF this year, an honorable lawman, who can be depended upon to stand on the right side of right. If county electors cast smart votes, future egregious, overreaching power plays by federal thugs will be met by a courageous sheriff and professional officers, who refuse to shoot and kill their Nevada neighbors to enforce dubious federal regulations, regardless of legal double-talk spewed by greedy political hacks.
William B. Scott

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


As any experienced investigative reporter knows, the first tenet of uncovering corruption in public "officialdom" is "Follow the Money." That dictum applies equally well to separating Clark County sheriff candidate(s), who have been bought and paid for by the Las Vegas "Cartel of Corruption," from those who would break the Cartel's hold on Southern Nevada and clean up a demoralized, broken police department.
By law, Sheriff candidates are required to file periodic Campaign Contributions and Expenses Reports with the State of Nevada. These provide at least a smidgen of insight into who is backing which candidate, and who's writing sizable checks that normally ensure their guy pins on the sheriff's badge.

The most recent reports are telling. As of Jan. 14, 2014, candidate Joe Lombardo reported a campaign war chest totaling $503,900. Front-runner challengers Larry Burns and Ted Moody are well behind, but still attracting noteworthy donations. The key question voters should be asking is: From whom are those donations coming? And what has been promised in return?

When deciding which sheriff candidate has sold out to the Cartel of Corruption—millionaires, gaming industry billionaires, "king maker" advertising firms, the district attorney, certain judges, and a host of commercial vested interests—look no further than those Campaign Contribution reports. They're in the public domain. 

A bit of reading between the lines of Joe Lombardo's January 2014 report is revealing: 

• All but one of Joe Lombardo's heavy-hitter donors forked over MORE than $100; most were in the $5,000-10,000 range. Who was the sole $100 check-writer? Joe, himself.

• Why would Santa Fe Station, Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch, Boulder Station, Palace Station, Golden Gaming, Konami Gaming, Boyd Gaming and Mesquite Gaming hotel-casino-resorts each give Lombardo $10,000, the maximum allowed?

• Other gaming companies and hotel-casinos popped for $5,000 each, including Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Edgewater, Colorado Belle, Sugar Factory and South Point.

• Among TV, movie and entertainment big donors, three members of the Maloof family coughed up a total of $20,000 for Joe. Ultimate Fighting Productions, Sunrise Productions and Langley Productions each gave $10,000. Could they be buying access for "Cops" and other TV "reality" shows? Surely not!

• A batch of corporations signed $10,000 checks to Lombardo. These include Murphy Electric and Murphy Electric Pools ($10,000 each); Lucca Real Property; R&S Leasing, and Southern Highlands Marketplace. Taxi and "cab" companies poured thousands more into his campaign chest.

• A virtual alphabet soup of nontransparent entities ponied up $5,000-10,000 for their friend, Joe: KMB LLC; Zuffa LLC; Forza LLC; Territory, Inc.; PT Corp.; HH Holdings LLC; Jam III LLC; CJGAGP LLC; SWG, Inc., Duffers LLC and SW Golf Reservations LLC.

• Well-heeled individuals and trusts also signed over tens of thousands to support Lombardo.

• Interestingly, former Clark County sheriff Bill Young pried $2,500 from his healthy Station Casinos paycheck to support his fellow lawman.

• Media and public relations "king makers," such as The Rogich Communications Group ($5,000) and F&M Advertising ($5,000), are solidly aligned with Lombardo.

• Why would Motorola Solutions give $5,000 to Joe's campaign? Could a new police department communications system be earmarked for any particular company? Just a coincidence, right?

• How many of these groups, companies and individuals are fronts for a handful of gaming-industry barons, who are funneling blatantly illegal contributions to their anointed candidate? Only those inside the Cartel know for sure.

Any thinking citizen will find an irrefutable correlation between all these VIP donors' largesse and Lombardo's early statements that he would closely follow in Sheriff Doug Gillespie's footsteps, ensuring virtually no changes to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's current policies, procedures, practices and training. Of course, that's code for: "Let's continue propagating the same old culture of corruption, skyrocketing officer-involved shooting rates, rampant abuse by thug cops, and free rides in police helicopters (if you're a celebrity), that we've become accustomed to over the past few decades." 

Thanks to a long string of sheriffs, who sold their honor and souls to ensure billions of dollars continued to pour into specific coffers, Strip mega-millionaires and Las Vegas underworld power brokers have been assured Metro's relatively small cadre of killer-cops and low-IQ goons will get rid of bodies and "take care of business," when dictated by the Cartel of Corruption. These same moneyed elites apparently have been assured Joe Lombardo will continue to serve their interests without question. Hence, they've written big checks to his campaign.

Within the next few weeks, Las Vegas-area citizens will be barraged by TV, radio and newspaper ads urging them to vote for Joe Lombardo. His face and vacuous promises to "stay the course" will dominate screens and air waves, because he's the only candidate with enough money to buy expensive advertising.

Smart citizens will see that for what it is, though: Gaming money and powerful king-makers buying votes. Falling for fancy, high-dollar advertising blitzes is a guaranteed path to keeping badly screened, poorly trained, excessively paid, arrogant Metro cops on the street to shoot and kill innocent "civilians." That's what the big-money candidate—the man who guarantees Doug Gillespie's gutless "leadership" practices will continue—has promised.

Further, smart citizens will ignore Joe Lombardo's TV ad avalanche. Instead, they will seek out and listen carefully to an alternate candidate for sheriff, one who shows up at neighborhood meetings and talks to concerned residents and angry citizens fed up with Metro's "cowboy cops." Then they'll grab a handful of brochures and yard signs, hit the streets, and start ringing doorbells. Their grassroots message will be one of warning: "Don't elect yet another corrupt miscreant and gangster as your sheriff, or we'll all suffer the consequences."

Finally, it's time Clark County citizens face up to a hard, unpleasant economic truth: Electing the wrong man as sheriff will put YOUR job at risk. What the Strip's big-money magnates know acutely well, but are refusing to tell Clark County citizens, is this: The world is no longer going to Las Vegas for fun and gambling. Gaming revenues in Macau, China, now far exceed those of Las Vegas. Macau's revenue continues to climb at astronomical rates, while that of Las Vegas is flat (Figure 1). One unmistakable reason is Las Vegas Metro PD. Americans and foreign would-be visitors have heard that Metro cops are trigger-happy and kill at rates far above other cities. 

Thousands of people now are afraid to visit or live in Las Vegas. Millions of dollars being spent by the Las Vegas Visitor and Convention gurus to lure visitors and new residents can't overcome the flood of negative publicity incurred by Las Vegas Metro's egregious, senseless shootings of Trevon Cole, my son, Erik Scott, Stanley Gibson, Tanner Chamberlain and dozens of other innocent victims. 

Yes, the moneyed elites of Vegas are pouring thousands of dollars into one candidate's campaign, hoping against hope that advertising noise will somehow overshadow perceptions that Las Vegas is a rotten, corrupt and dangerous town. But it's too late. The word is out, and it's spreading like wildfire across America, Asia and Europe: Vegas cops kill and abuse.

If you want to keep your job, and if you want your city to prosper again, cast your vote for The Right Sheriff. Only he will take the difficult, necessary steps to clean up Metro and destroy the cancer of "officialdom" that is decimating your city and county. The only way those visitor numbers will return to "normal" is to destroy the Cartel of Corruption and sweep lawbreakers from public office.

Elect The Right Sheriff.

William B. Scott